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At Direct Finish Ltd, we offer alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments from our unit. Our unit is based in Nether Poppleton in York, just around the corner from Clifton Moor. Our unit is a full alloy wheel refurbishment centre offering CNC Diamond Cutting and state of the art powder coating systems. Our unit is the only in house alloy wheel and diamond cutting specialists offering next day turn around in North Yorkshire. Nothing is sub contracted out and all work is carried out on site. Why not pop into our unit to discuss your requirements with our technicians?


We repair all aspects of alloy wheels from wheel corrosion, refinishing the wheel to its original condition or changing to the colour of your choice. Our unit caters to all types of alloy wheel repair services including split rims and CNC Diamond Cutting of diamond cut wheels. If the wheels are heavily corroded they need fully stripping to remove signs of corrosion and powder coating to protect the wheel.  We can also straighten and weld wheels at our workshop in York.


If your wheel(s) cannot be repaired for any reason we will advise you of this and no charge will be made. If you do not have your locking wheel nut key we will be able to remove the nut without the key without damaging your alloy wheel.

Expert alloy wheel services across Yorkshire

At Direct Finish Ltd, we provide you with alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services. Contact us for a FREE quote today! Call us on 01904 781714  or  0113 3350743

Locations we serve:

Yorkshire including:

•  York

•  Harrogate

•  Wakefield

•  Leeds

• Sheffield

• Barnsley

• Bradford

• Doncaster

• Harrogate

Do you want to restore your alloy wheels to their original manufacturer colour? We can restore your alloy wheels or refurbish them to give your vehicle a bespoke look.


We are specialists in the field and many customers choose us for our:

•  Latest high spec specialised machinery and tools

•  Quality work using a state of the art powder plant and ovens built to give a high quality finish to  every wheel we refurbish

•  Number of processes and finishes to a wide range of wheels like split rims

•  Expertise and engineering skills that complete all jobs flawlessly

•  Diamond cut wheels fully recut and refurbished on site with a 6 months warranty

Alloy wheel refurbishment and repair

Wheel powder coating

As part of our alloy wheel repair services, we offer you wheel powder coating services. We can offer a wide range of colours and patterns if you are looking for a special, different design to help your car look truly unique and stand out from the crowd.


This professional finish is achieved after using the latest environmentally friendly chemical stripping process and shotblasting units; alongside, our state of the art bespoke powder plant, which has been built to our specification. We can guarantee a high quality professional finish to every wheel we refurbish.  Our powder coated wheels come with a 12 month warranty.

A locking wheel nut key is required to remove your alloy wheels for refurbishment services on most vehicles. This prevents your alloy wheels from being stolen. If you lose your locking wheel nut key, you will only be able to get it replaced from the main dealer.


At Direct Finish Ltd, we have the capability to remove your alloy wheels without the locking wheel nut key without damaging the alloy wheel. We use up to date professional equipment that enables us to remove your alloys, while you wait.


This service can be helpful for:

•    New tyre fitting

•    Repairing punctures

•    Changing a spare wheel

•    Replacing alloys

•    Undergoing wheel refurbishment

Locking wheel nut removal service

Diamond cut wheels have become very popular and found on most new vehicles. We can help you keep them in pristine condition.

Repair and transform your alloy wheels with our state of the art alloy wheel services

Lease vehicle wheel and car body repair service

Don't get stung by a large bill form your lease vehicle company  when you return your car for kerbed wheels or scratches to body work.  Have the wheels and carbody work done by us before you take it back at a fraction of the price.

Diamond cut wheels